Use Degit to Copy Repos

    Sometimes you just want a local copy of a git repo, not a full clone with git history. This can be useful when wanting to start your project from a template repo or include another repo in your existing git project. Degit by Rich Harris lets you do this.

    You can run degit without installing. For example, to create a copy of the getzola/book theme within the themes folder of an existing Zola project:

    npx degit getzola/book book

    Would create a new directory called book containing a copy of latest version of the getzola/book repo.

    You can also just grab a portion of an existing repo instead of a full copy:

    degit user/repo/subdirectory

    There is also a degit Rust clone which has the benefit of not requiring node and can be installed as a single binary.

    For Rustaceans:

    cargo install degit

    Or grab the latest binary from the Release tab of the project and add it to your path.