MS Teams Outgoing Webhook Bot

    MS Teams outgoing webhook bots are simple bots that provide a threaded reply when @mentioned.

    bradyjoslin/msteams-webhook-worker-template is a wrangler template that helps kick start Cloudflare Worker-based bot projects.

    How it worksπŸ”—

    The @mention triggers a POST request containing information about the conversation message to the worker. The worker verifies the webhook signature using an HMAC token, can then obtain and perform actions based on the message details, and replies with a JSON response that gets rendered as a threaded reply:

      "type": "message",
      "text": "This is a reply!"

    Sample botπŸ”—

    tldr (β€œToo Long; Didn't Read”) is a sample bot built using this template - when @mentioned in a post or comment in a message containing a URL the bot provides a threaded reply with a 3-sentence summary of the web page derived by an Algorithmia-hosted algorithm.

    tldr conversation

    The idea for tldr bot came from this article from the Concur Labs team.