Local Server for Testing WASM

    Testing Wasm in the browser requires a web server, as most browsers restrict running Wasm from local files. To quickly get a local webserver running to test a Wasm file, you can use Python to run a web server to host the static files in a directory and use the correct mime type for the Wasm file. Create a file called serve.py containing:

    import http.server
    import socketserver
    PORT = 8000
    Handler = http.server.SimpleHTTPRequestHandler
    Handler.extensions_map = {
        '.html': 'text/html',
        '.wasm': 'application/wasm',
        '': 'application/octet-stream',
    with socketserver.TCPServer(("", PORT), Handler) as httpd:
        print("serving at port", PORT)

    Run python3 serve.py and open http://localhost/8000.